Galactic Star Force

A Sci-Fi Dating Simulator

Galactic Star Force is a visual novel currently in production as part of the JellyCube Project. It’s a partnership between The Lewis Foundation and students attending Ringling College of Art and Design to create compelling IPs for games to be shipped out in 2019. All content on this page is under the copyright of The Lewis Foundation.

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JellyCube Project Dev Work

Before Galactic Star Force was chosen to move forward in production, it started as one of the dozens of ideas students came up with during the developmental stage of the project. We spent a whole semester developing IPs for the project. While the games below are not currently being made, they still provided valuable experience to the development process.


(Folktale horror visual novel)


Ghost Gospel

(Supernatural dating simulator)

Concept Creator & Co-Writer


(Sci-Fi adventure visual novel)

Concept Work & Co-Writer